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Better Construction Software for Residential Contractors

Estimate Faster | Win More Bids | Eliminate Rework

Blue Service

(self service)

You setup a Build Hero account

You create estimates using Build Hero

You invoice customers using Build Hero

You and your customers have access to Build Hero

You pay only $50/mo for 3 users
(plus $10/mo for each additional user)

30 day trial available | Satisfaction guaranteed

Gold Service

(full service)

We setup a Build Hero account for you

We create your estimates using details you provide

We invoice your customers on your behalf

You and your customers have access to Build Hero

You pay just 2% of winning bids
(you pay us nothing for bids you don't win)

Slash your estimating time | Increase your win rate


Share photos, videos, sketches, notes, & more of all construction projects

Customers Love Build Hero

Sharing photos, approving bids, approving change orders, viewing job progress, and staying in the know has never been easier with our state of the art contracting software.


Build Hero is the best contractor bidding software on the market. Here’s why:

Interactive bids let customers choose options that are right for them

Change orders keep the scope clear and free of clutter

Templates allow creating similar bids quickly and easily

Include and markup subcontractor bids to save time and energy

Estimate Faster

Use Templates to quickly create a bid skeleton

Use Snippets to quickly add standard items to a bid

Use Web Items to lookup material prices from big box stores

We've reduced the time creating bids by 80% with Build Hero. We can now send bids out next day to customers instead of a week later. I'm spending less time doing bids and more time doing real work.
Wichita, Kansas


Communicating with your clients and subcontractors is a breeze with Build Hero.

Group chat with customers & subcontractors

Track all communications in one easy to manage location

Integrates effortlessly with texting and email

General Contractor

Browser on phone


TEXTING on Phone


Browser on Phone

Contractors Love Build Hero

Win more projects

Eliminate miscommunications

Track time & expenses

Save time & money


With Build Hero, your staff can clock-in and clock-out of projects and record expenses

Compare estimated costs to actual costs for precise budgeting

View location of all clocked-in staff right from your phone, laptop, or tablet

Increase Win Rates

Competing in the contracting world is tough, let Build Hero simplify the process.

Deliver Initial Bids to customers quickly and easily

Use Interactive Bids to let customers see and select from several options

Use Change Orders to keep the scope and cost clear to your potential customers

Build Hero has helped us increase our win rate substantially. Each bid is shared with the customer electronically and customers can instantly exclude scope they don't want making it easier to approve bids.
Wichita, Kansas


Assign tasks to one or more users

Optionally receive text and email alerts when tasks are assigned

Optionally synchronize tasks to Google Calendar to keep your schedule organized

Workers Love Build Hero

Clock-In, Clock-Out, Track Expenses, View Project Details, Message Others


Generate and print invoices from the palm of your hand

Synchronize invoices to Quickbooks for simplified accounting

Eliminate Rework

Who has time to do the same job twice? Let Build Hero help you eliminate rework.

Use Discussions to record all customer decisions

Involve your entire team and subcontractors in Discussions

Search Discussions to find prior customer decisions and communications

Miscommunication on projects was a big problem in the past...walls painted the wrong color, wrong backsplashes ordered, or wrong lights installed. Now we run all communications with customers through the discussions in Build Hero and everyone on our team can search the discussions to verify what the customer wanted. Customers are happier and we've nearly eliminated rework due to miscommunications.
Wichita, Kansas

Price Lookups

Pull pricing information from big box store websites

Add markup to material prices faster than ever before

Suppliers Love Build Hero

Sell more materials by integrating with contractor bids

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