Find a Contractor For Your Next Kitchen Remodel Project

Creating a Kitchen Remodel Project

Build Hero allows anyone to create a new Project, describe the work that needs to be done, upload existing photos and idea photos, and mark the Project as public to allow general contractors & subcontractors to bid on the Project.

Let’s create a kitchen remodel project in Build Hero by adding a new Project

Add Project Dialog

The Notes field can be used to describe the scope of the remodel project to be done, the preferred materials, dimensions, etc.

Adding Photos to Your Kitchen Remodel Project

After creating a new Project, the Project Page opens with default folders for Existing Photos and Idea Photos already created…

Kitchen Remodel Project Page

Adding existing photos is a great way to help communicate the scope of work. Click the down arrow on the Existing Folders to show this menu…

Kitchen Remodel Project Page with Action Drop Down

Clicking the Attachment icon (the paperclip) in the Add row will then open a dialog allowing adding photos…

Add Attachments Dialog

Click the My Device button to add photos from your computer or phone. Click the Webcam button to snap pictures from your computer’s webcam or your phone’s camera.

After adding a couple of photos and clicking the Upload button, the Project Page now looks like this…

Kitchen Remodel Project with Existing and Idea Photos Added

Clicking on either photo opens a Photo Gallery showing the photo full screen like this…

Image Gallery

Adding idea photos showing examples of what you like can also help contractors understand what you want done in remodel project.  You can repeat the same steps above using the Idea Photos folder to add your idea photos.

Getting Bids on your Kitchen Remodel Project

After you’ve defined your scope of work, added your existing photos, and added your idea photos; you are now ready to receive Bids on your Project.  To allow contractors to find and bid on your Kitchen Project as shown in the screenshot, you can simply select Mark as Public in the Project drop-down menu…

Making the Kitchen Remodel Project Public

Now the Project is public, contractors can find the Project and submit Bids. It may take several days to receive your first Bid depending on the complexity of your Project.

Here is the Project above after receiving three different Bids

Kitchen Remodel Project with Bids

To engage a contractor, simply select the contractor’s Bid and Approve the Project.  You can continue to use Build Hero until the Project is completed using Discussions to communicate with the contractor, paying Invoices submitted by the contractor, etc.

Download the app from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store and start managing your remodel projects such as kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, bedroom and living room remodel.