Tracking Time and Expenses

You can use Build Hero to track time and expenses on your approved Bids.  Let’s show adding expenses and tracking time on the Bathroom Remodel Project from a prior blog post.


Before letting your team track their own time and expenses, you need to…

  • Setup each team member as a User within your Build Hero Profile
  • Ask each team member to install the Build Hero iOS App or Android App
  • Add each team member as a Worker to approved Bids using Sharing

Tracking Expenses

Any user accessing a shared Bid as a Worker will see the following menu after clicking the drop down arrow on the Bid

Tracking Expenses - Contractor

Clicking the receipt icon in the Add row will then show the Add Expense dialog…

Add Expense Dialog

Clocking In and Clocking Out

We can again click on the drop down arrow on the Bid as a Worker to see this menu…

Clocking In

Clicking Clock In will then show the Clock In dialog…

Clocking In Dialog

After clocking in, a green timer icon will show in the top bar.  Tapping this green timer icon will show the following menu…

Clocking Out

You can use this menu in the Build Hero app to Pause the timer (perhaps for lunch break) or Clock Out to record your time for the day.