General Items:

General Overview Video:

Q: What is Build Hero?

A: Simply put… Build Hero is an easy to use collaborative software to meet the needs of today’s home remodel projects.  Allowing home owners, contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers to work together efficiently.

Watch this short general overview video to learn more about Build Hero.  

In this short video you’ll learn how to manage around the project page in Build Hero. Build Hero “Easier Remodel Projects”

Project Page Tutorial Video:

Contractor Specific Items:

Sub-Contractor / Supplier Video:

This short video will help sub-contractors and suppliers enter bid information into Build Hero.

Customer Specific Items:

Customer Invite Video:

In this short video you will learn how to accept an invite to your project. 

Nuts & Bolts Series: with Steve

The following video items have been produced with no scripts, no real editing, and are shot to either:

  • Answer questions sent to us
  • Give you helpful tips, tricks, or ideas

If you have any questions you’d like answered in this way please feel free to contact us.

Project Walk-Thru & Approval Video: