How to Show Value and Increase Win Rates

In this climate, many homeowners are opting to take on all kinds of projects on their own. Let’s face it, you’ve seen some of the aftermath of an underqualified, overly ambitious Do-it-yourselfer, and have likely been left to pick up the pieces of a poorly completed job. It’s not always easy to convince a person dead set on completing a major remodel, all jacked up after binge-watching HGTV for a week that they really should hire a professional. Here are a few tips and talking points for the next time you find yourself having to talk down the next wannabe Chip Gaines from replacing all the wiring and plumbing in his bathroom.

  1. Your proven track record
    • Never forget, you’re the professional and you’ve got the resume to prove it. Don’t be afraid to show off your work and wow the potential client with your abilities. Give them some references to call if they’re not so easily swayed. (BONUS TIP: always ask if you can use clients as a future reference on a job well done.)
  1. Point to your connections
    • Remind your clients that you’ve got the subcontractors on speed dial that will get their job done right quickly, and efficiently. Not only are they getting YOU and your professional work, but you’ll be bringing on other pros that will make their project shine in all its glory.
  1. You can save them money
    • Most clients take on jobs far out of their comfort zone because they really just want to save a few bucks. What you can help them see is that by hiring you they can actually wind up saving money in the long run because you know what you’re doing and will get it done right the first time.
  1. Safety first
    • You’ve got the licenses, you’ve got the insurance, you won’t use duct tape in any places it’s not called for on the project. Put your clients’ worries at ease by reminding them that you are the trained professional and will take all the necessary precautions when working on their home.

You may not win over every ambitious Do-it-yourselfer you encounter, but you might be more likely to be the person they call once they get in over their head on a big project at home. We hope these tips help you win over some on the fence clients.

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